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A dive on the HMAS Brisbane

A dive on the HMAS Brisbane, a former Australian Navy destroyer scuttled off the Sunshine Coast, Queensland as a dive site. Filmed in October 2005, a couple of months after the ship was scuttled. The diver waving in the movie spent two years on board as Shipwright. This was his former workshop.

Update: we revisited the Brisbane in January 2007 – video of the new dive is here

Stephen · Sunday, July 02, 2006, 02:39 · Permalink

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Thanks for altering it Stephen It was appreciated I was there at the warf last Sunday where the pic of it is in a glass case I guess you hired some gear there!! maybe not but I took a pic if you want it,
Buck (Mick)

Mick Rogers (Buck1936) · Sep 22, 03:49 AM · #